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5 of my favorite things

This is a quick post and I’m sharing 5 of the things I really like. Not really things I can’t do without but lovely things.

Geneva Platinum strap wristwatch. 

 Got this for my birthday in April from my best(est) friend! Shoutout Elsie! This is how I will catch you to know if you read my blog! 😜 Besides it being from a special person, it is beautiful and I absolutely love the vibrant colors and the weave-like pattern. I’ve worn it so many times, if it could talk, it would scream!

MacCosmetics Ruby woo.

  When all the hype was about this, I said I wasn’t going to bother purchasing but it just called out to me in a haul some time ago and it has been amazing ever since. The way it matches black skin tone and the vibrant red statement it gives! ❤️

Beyond beauty lipstain.

  Everyone has heard about this ‘unbranded brand’. It is on sale almost everywhere. This one as opposed to the Lippie above is highly inexpensive. I love all the colors but the nude is perfect cuz I wear it almost everyday to class.
It is inexpensive, I say again.
It stays on all day, with minor cracks and did I mention it is inexpensive? Lol. I think it sells from prices ranging from 300-500 NGN in the open market. Might be up to 900 online.

Hawaiian silky Moroccan argan oil, sleek edge.

  I’m a new transitioner. Roughly 3 months post relaxer. I’m still lost as to the whole overwhelming task of products and practices. But I’m getting it bit by bit. Still cover up my hair a lot with weaves but the part that is of most concern are my rough, confused edges. So that’s where this edge control comes in. It’s not greasy, non sticky and sulphate free. Stumbled upon it when I couldn’t find the brand from Organics on short notice. Purchased and never regretted. It smells lovely and has argan oil which is awesome for natural hair.

   My mom got me these a while ago. I love them! They can go with almost anything in almost every occasion. Formal, casual etcetera. And the colour! Smart!

Thanks guys, for always reading and for subscribing(I’m sure you’ll subscribe). 😉

Plus, who can relate with how stressful it is to move in LUTH? Glad it’s settled now.

 Till next post.


Love and makeup, Ella. 


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