Tea and Hennessy.

“What I liked about her,

She wasn’t just your ordinary woman.

She was tea on some days

and Hennessy on others.”

 I always love an opportunity to do something different with makeup, guys. It makes me feel bigger and creative and totally in the zone. I mean, not like thinking out of the box. But like, there is just no box whatsoever. 

Awesome thing about this shoot, we were all girls! Scratch that, women! Photographer, MUA, model and hairstylist!

Lol, not to get into the whole feminism thing now. Some of the pictures weren’t worked on but I was just too impatient. 😊.

The shoot was all about expressions and the contrast of life. Dark and light. Good and, well, not so good. And generally the inner battles we fight everyday. Hoping that the innocence and good overcomes.

More pictures after the cut.

Great credits to;
Photographer: @ms_seunn of SeunAlakija Photography. 

Hair : @oritselajuu

Model: @pweety_lass

MUA: Ellapinkette 

Follow them on IG, they are awesome!

       Till next time, hunnies!

Love and Makup, Ella.


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