Outfit || YN inspired

I love Yvonne Nelson, I absolutely do. With all my heart. I have this thing in my head that makes me think we look somewhat alike. Lol, crazy. I stalk her Instagram, Facebook…everything! Came across this look of her a few weeks back. And I was like, “Cool! Wish I had this awesome Mickey shirt dress”. End.

Or so I thought.

Fast forward to that morning, a few days ago, day 2 of Lagos Harmattan. The closest thing to Winter we have here. Even though it lasts just a few days these past couple of years. (Blame global warming) We enjoy it the best we can.

It is 7:50 and I’m already calculating how much time it will take me to run from OPH to TBS. (Hostel to class) Mr Mike will lock the door at 8:09:59. No mercy. And I’ll be doomed to miss my Morbid Anatomy class for the day.

Still in my undergarments, I grab the first thing I see that has sleeves. (No need to show off my white harmattan-ridden arms). And the nearest comfortable shoes, and I’m off.

 I get to class and receive more compliments than I thought I’ll get from a dress I wear indoors mostly. A classmate was going through my phone and is like, “hey! You stole YN’s look!” Lol. I didn’t realize.

So after class, I pull out my old sneaks (that look somewhat like what she has on) and even older friends (that I had to bribe with snickers) and convince them to take a few pictures.


Lol, it was fun. I hope Yvonne Nelson reads this. Better still, I hope she likes it.

I hope you guys like this too!
Plus, I’m loving this elsas pro moisturizing lipgloss on me. It’s all I’ve been wearing since this weather got my lips cracking up.

Disclaimer: All pictures were taken with my iPhone. By amateur (really amateur) photographers. @lulu__og @miss_faridahkadir @kinniobong. Lol!

Love and makeup, Ella


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