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Yanga Beauty: No7 primer, Beauty Sponge…Review. 


If you follow me on Instagram @Ellapinkette, I put up this picture above a few weeks ago. I did not plan on doing a review because it is a small haul. I just gave a brief talk about the beauty sponge. But someone asked about the primer and remember when I talked about procrastination here. So I just decided to write a blog post for it. 

I purchased this from Yangabeauty. Their customer service is amazing by the way and I got candy in the tiny goody bag. Please, if you know how I love sweet things, then you know this is a big deal.

So I got four items,

  • YangaBeautySponge
  • No7 beautifully matte makeup base.
  • Mixing palette.
  • Red Cherry lash gift set.


This is a dupe of the Original Beauty Blender Pro which I initially planned to purchase. They were temporarily out of and so they told me about theirs. I was skeptical but it turned out to be a really good dupe.
Pros: It swells to like 3 times of its size when wet and is very very soft when damp, unlike some of these sponges that just stay put as hard as pebbles. It is on sale right now for 1500 and I think this is an amazing deal because the other one is like 4 times this price.

Use: This sponge blends like a dream! I can literally use it to do all my base. Foundation, concealer, under eye setting powder. Everything!

Cons: When I washed it the first time, I noticed a small dent at the tip. This is the most difficult part to her dirt out of so I kinda scrubbed it a little too hard. It isn’t very obvious but I advice to be gentler when cleaning yours.

Rating: 4/5. Please don’t sleep on this one. It gets the job done nicely.


 No7 beautifully matte makeup base 

This isn’t new. Many makeup lovers know about this. Especially the shiny nosed individuals.

Pros: This baby locks oil amazingly. The last best thing I used that kept oil at bay was the random milk of magnesia. This was cool but it made my makeup ashy. I get up to 6 hours out of this base before my nose starts getting a bit shiny which is fair. I just touch up when that happens.

Use: As this comes in a tube, you should squeeze out a little because that is all you really need. I have combination skin so I apply this just down my nose, my forehead and my chin. Also, it should be used quickly as it sets quickly and may leave white streaks.

I don’t use it under my eyes because that part of my face is very dry and it can lead to cracking and creasing. You can use a moisturizing primer after it if it is too drying.

Cons: I can’t think of any. I haven’t noticed anything particularly bad. If used properly, this is a good base.

Rating: 4/5.
Mixing palette. 

I liked the idea of this when I saw them online. Used it once or twice when I got it. But then I got bored again. I just prefer the back of my palm! My skin helps my foundation to get a bit warmer before I get it to the skin on my face. This makes blending easy. Though this palette is good because it just makes your work neater and if you’re a makeup artist and you’re working on more than one client, that is key!

Rating: 3/5 (my own opinion oo)
Red Cherry gift set 

Everyone has used one of these. Right? Right! So no reviews on these. You can’t do better on affordable and good quality lashes than Red Cherry. And now it is even better in an attractive gift set of 4 pairs that makes it even more affordable because you pay less for more.

Rating: 5/5

Which one of these have you tried? And what do you think? Please let me know.
Love and makeup,



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