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 Hey guys! This is a new section on the blog! And it is basically sharing tips and tricks for flawless and amazing makeup and style that doesn’t require you breaking the bank aka spending your school fees money aka starving after buying makeup. Lol. I’m Nigerian and I school and live in Nigeria. And it’s frustrating seeing all these things online sometimes that you can’t afford (just yet) or dupes that are affordable but you can’t find them in your country. So the affordable things aren’t available and most of the available stuff…are well, not affordable! So here is where we can share beauty hacks and links to really good stuff we can find.!First edition!
“Beyond beauty Liquid Lipsticks.” I put in these keywords to search on Google but I just saw a few links. Some to online stores carrying it and others to very few bloggers that talk about what exactly is on their lips that is so rich and pigmented and matte!

Remember my post on 5 of my favorite things? I mentioned it briefly! Bella also has a post about these on her blog here. Toni, another Nigerian beauty blogger used them here.

This makeup line of liquid lipsticks is drugstore, very affordable and rich. Unfortunately, I don’t know where they come from. What company owns them. Anything!

I first found these way back. In 2014, I’m sure. Nobody knew about these then. And liquid lipsticks were not really what people were fond of. I got the red and people asked me if it was RubyWoo with a slightly different consistency. It’s unfortunate that I haven’t been able to find that red colour again. That exact shade! But the rave is in burgundy and deep purple these days. I don’t own any high end liquid lipsticks, yet! But without comparison, these feel great. They are very opaque, they dry matte and stay! They line beautifully and have very rich color pay off! The only thing that may be wrong with this product is that you literally have to force it out of your lips at the end of the day when you want to take your makeup off! After like 10hours! Once your lips are moisturized, you really have no problem. I’m swatching three of them here. The no 42, no 11 and no 10. Don’t mind the terrible pictures.

 You do have to check these numbers correctly if you want these exact shades. You can experiment with others tho. Spot my eyebags! 😂I got just 3 hours of sleep and didn’t even have time to put on enough makeup.

 Price! I can’t forget to mention this part na! That’s the point of the “budget” section. I buy mine from the market. I mean, where they sell wholesale. I can get these for as low as 500 Naira. For 3 units! Crazy! But when it is regular market, they are sold for 250-500 each. In beauty stores, between 500-700 each. Online, where efritin is hespensive, it can be between 700-1200 each. Depends!

Who owns and/or has tried any of these?

Do share…

And also, we can talk about anything we know about that is really good and not too high end! Feel free to use the comment section! It’s your playground.

                   Love and Makeup,


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