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1465692057968-1It’s been a hot minute. Actually, WordPress dutifully informs me that it has been 3 months. Woah. Where did all that time go? This wasn’t on purpose, guys. I’ll make it like a story so sit with me a little and let’s chit chat.

First, and foremost, exams. As a medical(comma dental) student, I have the hugest(hugest???) exams of the year at this time. This particular part 2 exams were the most stressful I have ever written. Ever. But, God ever faithful, it came, it went.

I did have all the good, good plans that people should have after exams. But things sorta went downhill. My iPad decided that it was old and tired and decided to sag on me. My iPhone was stolen from me the day I was supposed to go back home from school. (Funny Lagos story. Maybe for another day.) In short, I went home devastated.

Like that wasn’t enough. One of my favourite youtubers decided to host a giveaway. And I entered. It was just a shot that I wanted to take. I wasn’t really thinking I’ld win. I just wanted something to cheer me up. So, I used my sister’s phone to log in my Instagram and enter the giveaway. It was a worldwide competition, she was goving away really good hair and lots of girls entered to win. Fast forward a few days later, I was sent a message  that I won the competition! Me! Lol!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t always online so I missed the message and time elapsed. (24 hours, I think). A new winner was picked. Rules are rules. (Bye bye Virgin Cambodian hair). You can imagine my open mouthed shock. I thought I was going to pass out. Sorry, but not all stories have a happy ending. If I believed in all that Karma and energy thing, I’ld say the Universe wasn’t agreeing with me.

But, I know better and I know to count my blessings.

  • For food- Hahah. This one is always first
  • For friends- I love you guys. Thanks for agreeing to text via SMS instead of via instant messaging platforms.
  • For my blog readers- If you’re reading this, it means you believed I’ld make a come back. (Or maybe I just popped up in your mail box. 🙂 ) Either way, I love you all.

What are the things you are grateful for?

When life is sweet, say thank you and celebrate. When life is bitter, say thank you and grow.


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