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Amazing and Affordable Beauty Blender Dupes || Nigerian Brands.

imageI’m all for budget beauty. We know this. And I’m showing us today how we can save a couple of hard-earned bucks and still get amazing results with makeup.

The Original Beauty Blender is amazing, no doubt. Its micro fibre engineering and one of a kind exclusive material makes it a game changer in makeup and bla, bla…. But mehn…it is just too pricey.

I mean it was expensive before. Talk less of this Buhari regime where razor blade is 20 and bread is 400. The beauty Blender costs 7000. That’s the price of a bucket of tomatoes. Or better, a single MAC brush that I can use for 10 years minimum. I digress. I won a Nuban Beauty Pro Complexion Sponge on Instagram (I have a strong head for these giveaways o) and I just had to review. I’m comparing it to my staple and favorite beauty sponge, The Yanga Beauty Sponge. I purchased this since the beginning of the year and replaced it once since then.image Price: This is where I’ll start because we’re here for the $$$ off. When I purchased the Yanga Beauty Sponge the first time, it was on sale for 1500naira. Right now, it retails for 2000. The Nuban Beauty Sponge retails for 1800naira. Size/Shape/Packaging: Packaging first. The Nuban Beauty Sponge comes in a small plastic cup that I now use to keep my midi-rings (lol, diy much?). The Yanga Beauty Sponge didn’t have a package. It was just in a plastic bag (nylon) along with the other stuff I got from them.    

The Yanga Beauty Sponge
The Yanga Beauty Sponge
The Nuban Complexion Sponge
The Nuban Complexion Sponge

Shape: The Yanga Beauty Sponge has a classic shape and colour. It comes in the well-known egg shape and in just one colour. Black. The Nuban Beauty Sponge  actually has two variations. One is called the Nuban Beauty Pro Blending Sponge. It is egg-shaped. The other is the Nuban Beauty Pro Complexion Sponge  that mimics the shape of the Real Techniques Miracle complexion sponge. It looks sliced at the end. It’s a funny shape that I like. I picked the one with the ‘sliced off end’. The two shapes come in the colors, pink, purple and black.

Size: The Yanga Beauty Sponge is a bit smaller when dry. But, when wet, they are about the same size. So, it actually swells more. Which means it is softer and the other is denser. But which blends better?

Blending: The real test of strength. I put foundation on my face and used one blending sponge for each side. They give identical results! They blend foundation, concealer, bb cream well. Though, I feel the Yanga Beauty Sponge soaks up more product into it and this wastes products a wee bit. Also, its softness can make it to depress when you bounce it on the skin. And it doesn’t come back to shape till it dries again. The pointy end of the Yanga Beauty Sponge makes it able to reach areas like under the lower lash line, the corners of the nose, the tear duct area…etc.

The Nuban Beauty Sponge also gets this job done but isn’t as pointy. The flat surface of the sliced off end of the Nuban Beauty Sponge however makes it a lot faster to blend products all over the face. And easier to apply setting powder.image

Verdict: This isn’t a “this versus that” post. These two are really great dupes of the Beauty Blender at great prices. Just want to say, if there are some like me that use the ‘cheapies’, we can easily toss those out and get this and get flawless results. I know it is tempting to buy that one from ‘Iya Tega’ or from the Yaba women but these are totally worth it o. And if there are some of us that use the Beauty Blender, we can always try this out. They are totally comparable.

Best thing about them: They are Nigerian Brands! Buy Nigerian. Grow the Naira! Lol.

Shop theYanga Beauty Sponge here.

And the Nuban Beauty Sponge here. Till next time.

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