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The Deep Conditioner after my heart: ORS Replenishing Conditioner….Review.


Natural hair girls, get in here!
Kidding. Everyone’s invited. 🙂
I was looking for a staple DC for so long. I used the Soft and Beautiful Botanicals Deep Conditioner at the beginning of my hair journey but I wanted something I could easily find in a Nigerian market.

I read on a blog that the “ORS Deep Conditioner” is amazing. There were no pictures of it on the blog so when I went to the market I was looking for it in a tub and couldn’t find it anywhere. Everyone kept showing me this one in a squeeze tube and I just thought they were Igbo boys trying to sell their market.
You see, I thought It was a cowash conditioner and not a DC. So I judged the book by its cover.

I finally used google later and this was what popped up.

Price: Why do I always start with this? Lol. It is the alaroro in me. I got this on my wash day so I was desperate. I got it for 1200 naira at a supermarket. It ranges from 900 to 1200 everywhere.

Availability: This stuff is literally everywhere. That’s why I thought it won’t be any good at first. However, this is a good thing as not many natural hair products are readily available in Nigeria.

As for ingredients, it has no mineral oil, sulphates, petrolatum or parabens. It does have dimethicone, but, that’s way down on the list.
So if you don’t have a problem with that, then you’re good!


What I like:
This conditioner promises to be a “Penetrating Conditioner that helps to increase moisture and repair damaged hair.”

  • I don’t have damaged hair so I can’t tell for the second part of that. But, this conditioner literally feels like it’s sinking into my strands. It makes my old one seem like a blob that sits on my head.
  • It’s more moisture than protein even though it has protein (hydrolysed collagen) in it.
  • It gives uber slip so it’s amazing for detangling.
  • It comes in a tube so it’s easy to get out just what you want and distribute it round your head.
  • Also, this conditioner can be used with other stuff so you can make your own customized conditioner.
    So, throw in a banana, an avocado, honey, olive oil, an egg, the head of a cat, the blood of a chicken…lol. You know when I stopped being serious. Right? Right!

What I don’t really like: I go through this conditioner really quickly. Just a couple of washes and it was done. I deep condition every week and I go through it between 4 to 6weeks. Compared to my last one…that’s short.
Also, it has this strong citrus smell that I haven’t decided  if I like yet.


Asides that, I do love this conditioner. It’s very affordable and I get super moisture with it. I don’t even need a leave-in conditioner. Just shea butter and coconut oil and I get moisture for a few days.
Will I repurchase? I already did! Lol.
So, to the part I like! Has anyone used this? Is it amazing or what?! What other conditioners do we use to DC? Leave me comments!

Till next time,
Love and Makeup,

“The Lord will fight for you. You need only to be still.” -Exodus 14:14.


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