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NYX Born to Glow liquid illuminator- Pure Gold and Sun Goddess.


Hey guys. Another review here!
Whenever I post a review of a product on the blog, I just like to think that it is helping someone somewhere make a good purchase decision.

The thing about me is, I can check for reviews of literally anything in the world. It’s so bad, I’ve checked for reviews of the rat tail comb. I mean, the 50naira blue comb that everybody has. I just like to know what people think about stuff and lots of decisions are based on their thoughts.

But, it’s always best when the reviewer has lots of common ground with you. Asin, location, skin tone, face structure even habits. So, a major part of my review problems is that I don’t see enough Nigerian reviews when I check products on Google. I intend to do my little part and change that.
So…If you want me to review a certain product (makeup, hair, online store, skin care product, event or place…and what not) do leave a comment down below. Or email me Will be more than happy to do it.

Now that I have rambled round the world, I’m back to the review ofthe NYX Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator in the shades, Pure Gold and Sun Goddess.
This item is one of the products that lacks lots of reviews by black girls, talk less of Nigerian girls. I’ll tell you why as we go along.

Couple months back, I had a huge highlighter craze and was obsessed with glowy dewy looks. I had a couple of products in mind to purchase but they were all a bit too expensive.
There was the Farsali gold elixir, L’Oréal True Match Lumi Liquid Glow Illuminator, the Estee Edit Flash illuminator etc.
I found this NYX liquid illuminator on a Nigerian online shopping site that is relatively new. They followed me on Twitter and I just checked them out of curiosity. I was excited when I saw this on their site and I went ahead to look for reviews and reviews.
imageThe NYX liquid illuminator comes in 4 shades.
Gleam (described as a golden peach pearl)
Sunbeam (a pale pink pearl)
Pure Gold (a warm gold pearl)
Sun goddess (a warm bronzed pearl)

NYX released this product at first with only the first two of the four shades. From the description, we know that these first two shades are not suitable for us brown girls/women of colour, they tend to come out ashy and do not give a natural glow.
So, naturally, I turned to pick between one of the other two that are golden and bronzy and perfect for brown skin.

I’m a medium toned dark skinned girl with warm undertones and on my best days, I’m referred to as caramel-coloured. (flips hair)
I was super confused about which of the two shades to get. Most (I mean 95%) of the reviews I saw were for white girls who swatched either ‘Gleam’ or ‘Sunbeam’.
So, comparing Pure Gold and Sun goddess, I’ll describe pure gold as very golden. It reminds me of Ruby Kisses ‘all over glow'(Review up soon) and also reminds me of MAC’s gold deposit. I’ll say it’s suitable for light skinned girls and caramel-coloured girls (not too dark).
Sun goddess is more bronzy and browny. It will suit darker skinned girls. Think Lupita Nyong’o. It’ll also be a good liquid bronzer for lighter skin tones. (Note: a bronzer, put in the simplest terms, is a darker version of your highlighter that goes under and not above your cheeks bones.)


How to use
Using a liquid illuminator isn’t quite the same as using a powder product. A powder highlighter is used as just that. A highlighter. At the high points of your cheekbones, cupid’s bow, button nose, brow bone to attract light to those areas. The powder bronzer is used in the cheek hollows, jaw and temples to draw light away and create shadows for a slimmer look.
A liquid illuminator is like the big sister of these two. It can work as both a highlighter and an illuminator. As an illuminator, just mix a few pumps with your foundation and apply normally. This thing is the truth! It gives a very very very healthy glow and will draw comments like, “nne, you’re shining”. Lol.
But, as with all things don’t go overboard so you don’t look like properly fried akara.

This NYX one is light which makes it easy to use. At the same time, it is quite pigmented and so lasts from morning till night without losing its shine depending on how oily your skin is or what kind of primer you use. Check my primers here and here. The lightweight makes it easy to apply on its own with just your fingers to your highpoints.
When it is applied, it doesn’t try too fast like some others it gives you time to spread it evenly. And when it finally dries, it doesn’t budge.
Also, it doesn’t have a lot of visible chunky glitter and so doesn’t emphasize pores.
imageAll in all, they are stunning shades of a very effective highlighter that gives a luxurious glow and makes your highlight look more expensive than it actually is. It comes in a really small tube but a pump or two is enough so a little goes a long way.
I’m happy with the products and will repurchase if I find it restocked anywhere in Nigeria.

Price: 4500 naira from

P.S Lapozang has very nice and friendly customer service. I got free shipping but you can also get 16% with the Welcome16 code. They called to confirm my order and delivered the very next day. All together, good service.

So, who loves highlighters, illuminators and dewy products? Do tell me which ones you own.

Love and makeup,


  • nnennandiya

    I’ve been looking for a good review on this for brown girls. Just like you I prefer to hit up Google to find some reviews before purchasing things lol

    I’ll definitely pick it up next time I’m at the store, thanks girl!

  • Dzehnie

    Lool @ look like properly fried akara.
    Thanks a lot for this review. Been seeing it on a lot of sites but it was mostly whites that reviewed it so boy am I glad to see a Nigerian review it. Adding pure gold to my cart. Thanks

  • 2forksblog

    My God FINALLY a legit review. I was so sick of finding reviews on anything but pure gold -.- thought no one of my color existed in the makeup bloggimg world. This helped me decide so much.

  • jaka

    thank for the review,bought it but wasnt sure how best to use it till i came across your blog.u no that kinda sales shopping.Got it for 1k naira from can check them.they hve good price

  • Pranita

    Thank you so much for the review! The swatch from pure gold really helped me a lot. Happy to see a genuine review from a fellow brown girl. Been searching for something like this for an hour or so and now finally found it!

  • Stephany

    Hi Ellapinkette, I’m just like you too I love to see reviews before getting stuffs & I love your review it definitely did help me make a decision. The thing is its just quite expensive for me(I’m a student so that explains it). If you happen to come across any other one more affordable I’d love to know & please which of the two shades gives you the more natural glow cause we’re the same/ nearly the same complexion(yay! So glad I finally found a Nigerian blogger my complexion lol) btw you just got yourself a fan. Xoxo💕💕

    • Ellapinkette

      Hello Stephany! Welcome to the blog! 🙂🙂 Pure gold is perfect for me and if we have the same undertones then it should be for you too!
      I will publish for posts for budget friendly makeup soon, dear. Thank you for reading. 💗

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