Favorite Products of the Month -October 2016


Happy November, you guys!
For the past few months, I’ve had a post up on the 1st day of each month and I’m super proud of myself for keeping up.
However, I’m switching things up a bit this month and instead of my constant “currently, I am” post, I compiled all of my new products in October. I stocked up on a few staples and tried new things too!
I’m so excited to show you guys so I’ll be taking it one by one.

Maybelline Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara.


The name is a mouthful but I’m sure everyone has seen this so you know what I’m talking about. This is my staple of staples. My mascara of mascaras. It is affordable and readily available and still has amazing effects. Those are my 3 As for any makeup product.
Earlier this year,  I tried switching up and I used the Milani Cosmetics Power Lash Mascara. It is great as well but nothing quite compares. So, I’m back to this and loving it. It is amazing for natural lashes as it enhances your lashes and makes them pop.
Maybelline also tells us how long to use their mascara. The tiny open jar icon indicates 6M. I explained more about this in my post on Makeup Expiration Dates.
Price: 1800

LB glitter glue and some glitter


Next is the LB glitter glue and some random glitter I like to pick from time to time. This glitter glue is drugstore, pretty inexpensive and has a good amount of product in it. I like that it comes in a slim container with a pretty tight top. More than once,  I have seen the Ben Nye glitter glue spill empty and since it cost about five times of this,  some tears usually spill with it too.
It does a pretty good job of holding glitter without feeling too tight or irritating to the skin.
Price: 700-1000


The glitter pots are unbranded but they come in so many amazing colours. I just take my time and go through and I find colours that are like treasures. They are also not too chunky and lay perfectly with glitter glue.
Price: 300 per unit.

Hegai and Esther Brow gel.


My first new product on this list is one that is so dear to my heart. You need to know how long I have been “eyeing” this brow gel. For the longest time I wanted to get it but wasn’t sure I would be able to work with brow gels. I was so used to pencils. My mom finally got me the Mac Fluidline Brow Gel Creme in Deep Dark Brunette.
I dunno how dark they think dark is but it didn’t really work for me. It was really light and didn’t show so much,  I had to use a lot of product for visible effect. Hegai and Esther came to the rescue. This shade Nubia is perfect for all dark skin tones. There is also Ebony but I do advice to go for something more general. A little goes a long way so don’t pack it on too much. I also love that it doesn’t dry or set too fast. It gives time for brushing, blending and setting. But after it sets, it really won’t budge. It is water proof, sweat proof, even gele proof.
There’s definitely value for money on this one.

L.A girl HD pro primer.


I originally intended to get the NYX jumbo pencil in milk but everyone seemed to have run out of. I tried this comparison.
Verdict : This is cheaper than the NYX, but also doesn’t have as much product in it. It does a pretty decent job though it isn’t too fantastic. I wouldn’t repurchase if I find the NYX first though.
Price: 1000

Mabrook Extremely Soft Eyeliner-201 black. Mabrook long lasting lipstick pencil-Shocking pink


Mabrook makes amazing pencils. I do intend to do a proper review on the black eyepencil. It is soft, easy on the eyes and very pigmented. You really don’t have to go over your waterline twice.
The lippencil is a very nice shade. I picked this colour because it goes with almost any lipstick shade. It is described as a shocking pink but that is quite opposite because it looks more like a blush pink.
Black pencil cost 1500.
The pink cost 800

Original Beauty Blender(Not photographed)
Just before taking pictures for these flatlays, I washed my beauty blender and so it wasn’t dry for pictures. I’ll update this later with pictures.
What can I say about the beauty blender? There is really no 100% dupe for it. And so the real thing is still the real thing.
It is super soft and doesn’t absorb products. My best part is the solid cleanser it came with. Perfect.
Price: 7000

So, this is it, guys. My new and not so new products in October.

And because I can’t resist, I’ll give you guys some personal information about October.
I wasn’t exactly best blogger of the month. I was swarmed and couldn’t post often but I have at least 10 uncompleted posts in my draft and that should fill in some gaps.

I also went for Fashion Week. More like fashion day because I showed up on only Day 3 with some amount of persuasion from Elsie. I really enjoyed myself more than I thought I would. (because,  this fashion thing isn’t really my calling) and I witnessed an engagement proposal, which was sincerely the best part of the night for me.

I upped my flatlay game. I’m still open to pointers, but, how did’I do, ei?! *winks*
Do tell me your favourite moments of the past month. Your favorite food,  places, makeup products of October. I’m excited to hear it.

For November, I just hope to sleep more,  get sufficient rest and read a good book. I’m just wondering what is going on with this year. It is going to be over and done in just a couple of weeks. It isn’t too late to dust off those resolutions and plans. We can still get something done before 2017.
And I wish us all the very best as we try

Love and Makeup, 

“Blessed is the man that doesn’t walk in the counsel of the wicked. Nor stand in the way of sinners. Nor sit in the seat of the scornful. But his delight is in the law of the Lord and on it,  he meditates day and night.
He shall be like a tree planted by the sea of waters. That bring forth fruit in his season. And whatever he does shall prosper. ” Psalm 1:1-3


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