On Moving Forward

I contemplated ignoring the fact that I haven’t posted yet this year and I was just going to dive into a topic. But I owe some sort of intro…

So, I’m saying, ‘Happy New Year’ in my own little late way. And though cliche as it is, I believe in resolutions, new starts and forwardness. So, I’m listing things and bits about what I intend for the year and what I’ve been up to in the past 27 days of the year.

Learning New Things: I’m learning a new language. Yoruba. I’ve been in this Lagos since I was born and I didn’t know two words! People just kept saying, “you’re around Yoruba people, you’ll learn.”

But, it is just conscious effort that makes you actually learn things. Just 27 persistent days and look who can make a small conversation. Me!

Plus, It’ll be nice to be able to haggle with those market women in their language.

Making Plans: A million and one ideas on my mind. From medical school work, taking clients, creating blog content…I plan to do a lot more this year and record significant improvement and achievement.

Staying Coordinated: With all these plans, things can get mixed up and one part should not suffer at the expense of another. So, the key is to stay as organized as possible. Having a good planner and sticking to a routine. Right now, I have this large notebook I’m writing everything in. It’s pretty organized but the planners that have totally caught my eye are the @cassiedavesblogplanner, the @hdhqgoods life planner and the @l_planners business planner.

I’m just dropping this here since Val’s is almost here. And my birthday too.  I want all three. I don’t mind. No pressure. Just saying. Lol.

Taking Things Easy: I tend to get pretty worked up when there’s even an inkling that things might not go right. This will stop. It’s best to just step back a little, take a deep breath and access the situation. It may not be as grave as I think.

Going Out. Meeting People: Enough of this shyness. Nothing wrong with starting a conversation. Talking to a fellow lady. Or maybe even a guy. Not feeling small or intimidated. This introvert thing, who e epp?

Playing Dress up: Of course, I have to look the part. More clothes, maybe even have a little bit of style. Not everytime only makeup. More shoes, bags, accessories. Discovering myself in this fashion thing. Having a personal style.

Being God-concious: “If you be willing and obedient, you will eat the fruit of the land”- Isaiah 1:19. Just in summary, nothing works without God.

So, this is me! We are all past the ‘New Year, ‘New me’ stage. So let me just act as a reminder. Don’t drop those resolutions just yet.

Till next post,


Ella. 🎀➿

Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in good health, just as your soul prospers. – 3 John 1:2


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