Currently I am #3

Happy New Month! 3rd month already. Almost not catching my breath here. It’s also Ash Wednesday… Wishing everyone a fulfilling lent period in preparation for Easter. 
I’m writing my usual first post of the month. Just to fill you in on what I did in February. So Currently, I am…
Wearing: No Makeup! Please let me and my skin breathe!
Also wearing: Kitten heels. I own only one torquoise blue thrifted  pair and I love them. Dress up or down, they make me look good.

Eating: A lot of @soyummy caramel popcorn.
Reading: The Fifty Shades Series. Thanks to Nonye of thisthingcalledfashionn, I read the three books this past week. I’m swooning, reeling and totally amazed. Forget the BDSM and other things, theirs is a love every girl wants. I’m so sad the book came to an end. Send me a mail if you want the ebooks.
Loving: Fishnet stockings. From afar sha. As I am not that brave yet.
Admiring: Dimma Umeh. Formerly That Igbo Chick. Her bounce back was amazing. After a hiatus of a whole year, she isn’t relenting and she’s letting us have all of her. Makeup tutorials et al.
Happy About: the fact that our naira is gaining some value on the dollar. Just in less than two weeks, we moved from 520 to 440 per dollar.
Frustrated by: thefactthat I’ve been trying to buy the facetune app for ages. GTBank says I can’t because of a DCC and so I can’t buy things in naira. Who can give any advice on how to switch currencies on play store or app store, please???
Appreciating: life! God and life! You hear a story of something terrible that happens to someone you somehow, sort of know and just thank God. Not like you’re oh so special or anything. God’s grace is just so amazing.
Wondering if : I should continue with this “Currently, I am” post every 1st of the month. It may seem overly in use by everyone but I love how I can just say little about everything that is going on in my life all at once.
Continuing with: the white themed wagon. On Instagram, since the beginning of the year, I tried to see what my page will look like with a white theme. I’m not the best at it yet but I love it and I’m sticking to it. Follow me @ellapinkette.
Hoping : MTN fixes what issues they have. Right now, I’m not sure when this post will go up because the telecoms giant and all its users have been having quiet a bad week.
Praying : for everyone. ‘Specially my readers. I love you guys the most. Praying for a good month. A good period of lent/fast.
This is me for now. Grateful for everyone that comes here. And reminds me that I have to keep posting. Hope you keep coming back for more. .
See you soon,


Seek ye first the Kingdom of God. And all other things will be given unto you. -Luke 12:31


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