Outfit and MOTD: Sunday Best.

The outfit posts on the blog are just taking baby steps as this blog is more for beauty than fashion and style. But I loved this dress I wore last Sunday and I thought to show you how I wore it.

A good part of styling was using my bow detailed tiny belt on my waist. Frankly, this was absolutely necessary because without it, I looked like a stick in a burlup sack.

My absolute best part of styling though was wearing my thrifted kitten heels that I mentioned in this post. They do amazing things to my legs.



For my makeup, I went pretty extra on my eyes and finally tried the double wings that I’ve been doing on clients.

Personally, I think it is amazing for girls with hooded/double lids like me. As opposed to putting glitter all over the eyes.

So, hooded lid girls, raise your hands. You too can put on really cool eye makeup

Do leave comments on how else you would have worn your Sunday best. 

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Till next post. 



Because, God is at work in you. To make you willing and obedient to fulfill his purpose.

-Phillipians 2:13


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