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Instagram Round Up: Best Feeds and Themes

Hey guys! Me again. Starting with pleasantries…how was the weekend? Mine lasted like 3 seconds so…I dunno. I’ve been so crowded and crammed and so instead of showing new created content, today is about sharing inspiration.

Instagram is probably the most impacting social media platform of the moment. Maybe of the decade. It is top of my list of past times, hobbies etc. Aka…I spend a terrible amount of time there. So, I noticed that people with admirable, curated and consistent content get a lot of attention.

When you click on a profile, you see the whole feed first and if you like what you see, you are most likely to follow. This is amazing for bloggers and influencers as this applies to brands and collaborations. You are most likely to get collabs when you have a neat overall feed. And even if you are not a blogger/influencer, it would just be nice to clean up and declutter your Instagram for a more presentable look.

Recently, I made a decision to join the bandwagon. Not put just any picture(no matter how tempting) and arrange posts to generally build a bomb theme. I picked the white theme which is getting quite mainstream right now but which I absolutely love!

It’s not so easy but with some thought and a good white wall nearby, things can start to take shape. You can choose another theme colour and still rock!

I’m nowhere near having a totally great theme. I have a lot o learn. But, I’ve curated a few pages that I love and I hope you check them out and learn a thing or two. I love their style, good photography eye and consistency.


I hope you love these feeds, I hope you learnt a thing or two. Hopefully soon, I’ll do a post on apps to play around it for bomb ass photos.

What do you think of themed pages? Is it great or is it just too much work? 

I for one think it is great to have an IG theme. I would totally love to see your theme if you have one so please leave your IG handles down below. Even if you don’t have a theme, you can still leave it.  I love new followers. Do follow me on IG : @ellapinkette

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