Currently I am #4

Lol. Currently, I am wondering what you people may think of me. 😂😂 Who is this one that thinks she can just come out of hiding out of the blues.

Apologies. Apologies. Apologies. As humans, we crave relevance. We want to be useful, not purposeless. Wanted. In every field of our lives. Some suffer due to others. This past few months have been a battle of wills. I was trying to settle the single most important thing to me asides family.

Although things might not work out as planned, I have learnt an incredibly great deal. One is to not be envious. The grass always looks greener when you are standing on the other side. Accept your problems. But don’t be fooled into thinking everyone has perfect lives. 

Two is to keep moving. Settling in the past and making your bed there is not just bad, it is a disaster. Pick yourself up from wherever. Keep moving. Remember what I said earlier about relevance? If you don’t feel it in one place, trust me, it will be in another place.

Three. Do not be ashamed. Don’t hang your head and give yourself a heart attack. Don’t succumb to the sneers of others. The naysayers and “bad belles” will always and forever exist. It is your job to ignore them. Make sure they don’t bring you down.

Four. Talk to people. Friends and Family. Of course be cautious in your company. The Bible itself gives us this piece of advice. But why bottle it in? Keep your circle close. Keep God closer.

Five. Girl! And guy! You Can Do Great Things. Don’t ever ever (ever!) say it is too late. You should read about the people that tried so many times and failed. The next time just might be the best time. Because you aren’t where you are doesn’t make you late. You are on your own time.

Above all, love God. You have nothing to loose. 

This post was supposed to be in the usual ‘Currently, I am’ format. But when I started typing, I just couldn’t stop.

So, Currently, I am trying out anything and everything new.

Loving myself.

Loving God no matter what.

Living my life.

Having no regrets.

Hoping for more, More and Much More.

Hope this helps someone.

Till next time.


Ella. 🎀

Have you ever been in a life changing, earth shattering situation? How did you deal? Do you believe in not giving up? No matter how many times you try? Do share!!! 

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Let not your heart be troubled: believe in God, believe also in me(Jesus). -John 14:1

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    Hello Ella. Yes, giving up is allowed sometimes but that shouldn’t be your everyday attitude towards whatever comes your way. Have a beautiful day 🍻

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