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New go-to cake spot alert! ☺️

A group of bloggers(me included) had the sweetest meet and greet last weekend. Organized by @coloursandgrey @thebloggersadvocate. And hosted by the sweetest cake and pastry enterprise I’ve known.
Best part is, there is something for everyone at the end of this post. (😉😉)Cake Flair is more than a cake shop. It comprises of a bistro, a cake school, ice cream craft and more. The bourffe bistro, its bistro part is a small restaurant that offers breakfast menus, Nigerian style. Akara, Yaji and moin moin.

I learnt a lot of this and that. Cake recipes, cake styles, the food industry in Nigeria and generally about entrepreneurship.

The owner, Juliet Aigbe, is a very energetic, happy and passionate woman. Originally self taught, she has since expanded her knowledge first through books and then lots and lots of training. Just 5 minutes with her and I knew she knows her salts.(and cakes😂)

Juliet Aigbe. Cake Flair CEO

The secret to Cake Flair’s uniqueness is that you can enjoy Guilt free happiness every time! I’m talking low calorie cakes that tastes even better than those filled with calories and such. Banana cakes, oatmeal cakes(that taste nothing like oatmeal but more like cookie crumbles!), carrot cakes, granola cakes, blue and blackberry cakes, healthy wraps etc. All these with a unique style of leaving out butter and eggs.

There are even ways of getting Zero calorie sugar from Moin Moin leaves. Who knew?!

I am, just as she is, very ambivalent about my cake choices. I absolutely enjoyed everything I put in my mouth that day. But, as an icecream lover, I was soo glad we weren’t left out, cake flair has a wonderful combo of fluffy icecream and carrot cake. Called the Cake Trifle. It was the highlight of my day.

Cake Flair Trifle

And so, for every purchase above 3000naira, you get a cup of the Cake Trifle. Just use the code EllaTRIFLE. You could show a screenshot of this blog post.

This is valid throughout the month of August 2017. 

The bloggers

Cake lovers can you comment down below, please? And then those who love icecream even more, just like me… let me see your hands. 😂 Now we can have both and still be “fitfam”. Because, cake Flair doesn’t go with that saying…”a moment on your lips, a lifetime on your hips.” 

We are more of the “eat your cake and have it” kind. 😉

Follow @cakeflair @the_bourffe_bistro Location: No 19a, Olatunde Ayoola Avenue, Off Access road, Anthony Lagos. The street opposite Greensprings school.

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