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Scent on a budget: Designer perfume oils. 

There can never be too much emphasis on the way you smell. Let me repeat that slowly. It is very important to smell good.

I know your personality is important (side eye), but it really isn’t the first thing people see. Or smell. Before you open your mouth, do make an impression. My all time favorite scent has been Giorgio Armani ‘Si’. Although feminine, it is also slightly musky, which is definitely the best combination. It is a break from normal feminine and floral scents.

The most important part of this post though is budget. Si is quite pricey. It is about $100 for the bottle and though, (once upon a time) that used to be bearable, it isn’t anymore because of the dollar rate.

So, I was very excited to find the 30ml perfume oil from @scentsbybookiekunlere. It goes a long way because it is an oil and not a spray. I’ll estimate that you can use it for half a year. The scent is feminine but strong enough to last all day and then even longer.

B.K claims that their designer perfume oils are undiluted and unfiltered and I absolutely agree. I picked Si because I had used it for a year and knew exactly what it smelled like. (I was a Si hound! 😂)

They have a variety of designer perfume oils. So if ‘Si’ isn’t your thing, there’s always a range to choose from.

Where to get: @scentsbybookiekunlere

I love the cute bottle and cuter (cuter? 😂) Ankara drawstring pouch it comes in. It helps to know where your perfume is all the time. And I can just grab it on the go.

Price: 5500 NGN

Bonus: I was sent two 5ml sample bottles as extra! (Not Si though 🙁 )

To use, drop the oils at your pulse points like wrists and the inside of your elbows (what is that place called?!), nape of the neck, behind the knee ( read ‘bend d knee 😂 ) and behind your ears.

I’m more of a patchouli, wood and musk girl than a mainstream flowery and sweet scent type. What is your favorite scent? Do leave your comments. 

Till next post. 



Ecclesiastes 3:1 -For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven. 


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