The lazy girl’s guide to looking stylish and comfortable. 

 If you know me at all, you know I don’t like to put a lot of effort into getting dressed. As opposed to a few friends I have (side eye) that treat every occasion (including going to class) as a big deal.

I’m the Queen of comfort. So I just had to learn fast how to stay comfortable and look incredibly stylish at the same time.

From one lazy girl to another…here are my tips.


What are you doing if you don’t have these: Blue or black jeans, A little black dress that can be worn day and night, A white tee and a black tee, a blazer, flat black shoes, staple heels etc. Some things should just really be in any woman’s wardrobe.

It is amazing how often you can mix your staples with many other things and get a match.


Picture this. White button down shirt and blue jeans. Pretty basic, yes? Now add, hair accessories, a pretty necklace, a chain watch and some charm bracelets to go. An anklet. Then tuck that shirt halfway through and add a solid belt. Accessories boost up outfits more than you think. I have everyday accessories that I wear over anything to make my look pop even more.

I used a belt to pull this whole look together here 


Your staples are always nice but a few statement pieces here and there are also essential. Buy a statement piece that you can build your whole look around. E.g. A statement neck piece, print palazzo pants, a plaid jacket.

Bags can also be statement, so keep an eye out for great detailed bags. 

Check out this OOTD with statement shoes and bag here


A simple shirt, jeans and heels situation can change if you wear fishnet socks before those heels. Or use a print scarf as a belt or necktie. Major boost! 

That is my two cents, you guys. I’m really just growing with this style thing and I’m going with the flow.
Do drop your tips and tricks.

Thank you for reading, I love you guys!

Till next post,


Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom; Yea, with all the getting, get understanding. Proverbs 4:7


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