My 2018 “intentions”

It feels like just a few hours ago I was hugging my siblings into the new year and it is already the 5th day!

Can 2018 allow me catch my breath, please?Happy New Year to all of you that bother to come on here! You mean a lot to me.

I’m also using this medium to welcome you(and myself) back to the blog. We have both been away! My reason would be that I wanted to hold on with posting until I got my domain sorted out.

But that didn’t happen and we have to keep moving still. New Year, New Us, right?

I’m penning intentions for the year. Because they seem more do-able than resolutions. I know they’ll help me. I hope they help you too.


Investing in a journal is the one thing I have decided to do this year. My notes app on my iPhone is usually filled with scrambled thoughts.

Put things together in a journal that you can always look back at. It helps to show how much growth you’ve recorded. If you are like my brother that thinks journaling is for girls, or you just want to be eco friendly and save more paper, then you can get an e-journal. An amazing journal app available on the iOS is The DayOne app.

You can have more than one journal for different purposes. I learnt this from a fellow blogger, Asakemi. You can have a bullet journal for goals. And a gratitude journal for ticking off those goals. Or all in one.


•I want to finish school(fast!). •I want 30 billion in my account. •I want to be successful.

And I’m going to be all those things. But I should celebrate myself in small ways. When I pass a test. When I make a small sale. When I cross a small milestone.

Take yourself out. Pamper yourself. Say encouraging words to yourself. Learn to find joy in the little things so that the great things will come.


I live in Lagos which is the hub of Nigeria. Everywhere is buzzing and it is tempting to keep increasing your circle.

But I tell you, it isn’t necessary to be everywhere and at every gathering at every instance. Pick your crowd. Walk with people that will grow you. Be social but know your worth.


And I mean money. 🙂 As a twenty something year old, it is easy for me to spend faster than I earn. A goal for this year will be to set aside money for sometime when you’ll need it more than those shoes.

Start small. A piggy bank(Aka Kolo 😂) can even do the trick.

No need to be frugal. But don’t go around splurging on what you can do without.

If you can’t afford it twice, then you can’t afford it. -Jay Z 😉

GLOW IN EVERY WAY. My personal favorite. The Bible says, “Whatever you do, do with all your heart. As unto the Lord. And not unto men.”

So go forth and glow in every aspect of your life. Read widely. Travel if that is what you want to do. Do your work diligently. Just glow!

Other things I intend to do this year include

  • Get a domain
  • Learn a new language (German sounds good)
  • Take the next step career/academic wise.
  • Travel to at least 1 place in Nigeria and 1 place outside Nigeria.

Did you find this post helpful?What are your intentions for 2018??

Do let me know if you want me to include anything in the blog this year. I hear all of you that want me to blog more about makeup. I’ll do better, I promise.



You are all together beautiful. There is no flaw in you. – Songs of Solomon 4:7


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