How I want to be adDRESSED.

I’ve decided to give the Style category of this blog a chance once again. Because, part of my glow agenda for 2018 (let’s call it ‘glowgenda’) is to look great in luxury as well as thrifted pieces.

To describe my style, would be to describe a solo picnic on a lonely private beach. Lazy and Comfortable.

So, whether it be oversized clothes, large pants, jeans, a girly dress or knickers, as long as I look and feel comfortable, I’ll wear it.

I believe that clothes are only as good as the people that wear them. And so you put an air to your clothes that was not there before.

Clothes aren’t going to change the world. The women who wear them will. – Anne Klein

Pants do the job of making me comfortable as well as making me look incredibly stylish and confident. I can wear them with a button down shirt for the ‘power-woman’ vibe. Or with a crop top for a ‘girl’s night out’.

Top- HM

Pants- Cue

Fashion is what you buy.

Style is what you do with it.

If you could describe your style using a vacation, what would it be?

This should be fun. I’m waiting for your replies in the comment section.

Till next time,




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