YouTube or not…

Being a creative involves stretching yourself to limits you didn’t even think you had. And discovering parts of yourself you didn’t know existed.It is 2018 and the number of said creatives have doubled. Everyone is showing relevance one way or the other and I am so thrilled that the blogger community in Nigeria has grown so much and they are supporting each other.

The best part of this growth is I get to benefit from it. And I get to expand through it.

Let me introduce myself. I’m Louella. AKA Ellapinkette. A makeup enthusiast, beauty artist and beauty influencer.

And this post isn’t really teaching anything. It is kind of a request post. For the people that have been signed to this blog from the get-go 5 years ago to the new friends I have acquired on this very day.

As Youtube has tightened their policies and growing on there might not be as easy, I really love to know if you all would want that type of content (videos) from me.

Will you support me on YouTube?

I’ll love to here what your opinions are in the comments.

Check out my makeshift temporary video…

Product details.

Primer- @bootsuk no7

Illuminator- @nyxcosmetics born to glow.

Foundation- @blackradiancebeauty

Concealer- @lagirlcosmetics toffee

Contour- @maybelline java

Powder- @sachacosmetics buttercup

Brows- @hegaiandesther Nubia

Eyeshadow- @juviasplace masquerade.

Liner- @zaroncosmetics

Lashes- @shop.erudite

Mascara- @maybelline

Glow- @rubykissescosmetics all over glow.

Lips- @nyxcosmetics @classicmakeupusa

Song- ADA by @djecool @davidoofficial

Till next time,

Love always,



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