9 Makeup Brushes You Most Definitely Need.

I get asked a lot what makeup brushes are absolutely necessary. With the great evolution of makeup, you can be easily swarmed with choices and end up with what you need and what you don’t really need.

For personal makeup, You can get your complete full face slay on with just a few brushes.

If you find a set that has all of these, or at least most, you are good to go. If not, you can buy them individually and still not break the bank.

I’ll be taking you through the ONLY makeup brushes you may need, their high end and popular brands, and the cheapest dupes in the market.

Dual angled brush and spooley.

This is a life saver (or brow saver). Your brows will thank you. Use the spooley to brush your brows to a natural look. Use the angled brush to clean up with concealer.

High End Brand:

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dual angled brush.($19.95)

Dupe: Random unnamed at Yaba market (500 Naira)

Tapered Blending Brush.

This is my most essential eye brush. It makes your eye makeup look a lot better. It removes harsh lines and results in beautifully placed eyeshadow work.

High end brand- Sigma E45

Dupe- Any brush that is soft, fluffy and has this tapered shape.

Eyeshadow shader

Place your main lid colours with this brush and build up eye products for a lasting, vibrant eye look.

High end: Urban decay shadow shader.

Dupe: Elf flat eyeshadow brush.

Angled eye liner brush.

For those of us who absolutely fear liquid liner. And are queens of the gel, this brush saves us. Precise and smudge-free

Beauty Blender

Technically, it isn’t a brush, but it is the holy grail of flawless skin work for many professional makeup artists. When used properly, the beauty blender gives a very airbrushed look.

High end: There is only one Original Beauty Blender. It is $20

Dupe: There are many good dupes made by Nigerian brands. NubanBeauty, PearlLuxury, BulkyOnline. Prices range from 1200 to 2000.

Flat top foundation brush.

This is an option. You can skip this if you enjoy your beauty blender. You can have it handy for the days your Blender is old and grey.

Slanted flat top foundation brush

Contouringis the rave right now. This brush just makes life easier. It controls the contour line and also blends out so you don’t have one straight harsh line.

High end: MAC 134 ($35)

Dupe: slanted soft brush

Powder brushBut then, you already know. ☺️

Just in case you don’t though, please don’t use the rubber thing that came with your powder. This is 2018. Everyone wants their makeup to look like skin.

High End: This Mecca brush costs $60

Dupe: That is such a steep price. Since you don’t take powder brushes to heaven, just buy a fluffy brush like…

Elf Powder Brush $4

Real Techniques Powder Brush $9.99

< strong>Fan brush <<<<<<<<<
t least, this is the brush that crowns your ‘glow up!’

High End: Velvet Luxe Empress FanBrush $48

Dupe: Elf fan brush $3

< ‘ve kept these brushes under 10. Just to convince you that you can do a lot with a little. And so now, till next time, Go forth and slay!! strong>Love, < strong>Ellapinkette. <

et not your heart be troubled. Believe in God. Believe also in me. John 14:1


  • WanShyGirl

    Thanks for sharing this detailed post Ella. I can only identify a spoolie, powder brush, foundation brush, beauty blender, lip brush and contour brush without stress. When it comes to all those eye shadow application and blending brushes you’ve totally lost me.
    I’m aware there are two types of foundation (one looks like a concealer brush while the other is the one in this post) brushes though. Do they have different functions?

    • Ellapinkette

      Lol. Wow. You know a lot more than some other people so kudos to you.
      The eyeshadow brushes are crucial to different stages of eyeshadow application. If you are interested in learning eyeshadows soon, these will help!
      The flat foundation brush was the norm before the invention of the buffing brush. The buffing brush(in this post) helps blending to be easier. And makes your foundation look more like skin. The flat concealer one might leave streaks and will take more time.
      Hope I helped!
      Lol. This is the longest comment I’ve ever typed and I absolutely love that I helped!

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