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Welcome to 2018. The year of more internet. The world keeps getting smaller and smaller and we keep spending more hours in front of screens.This affects every part of our lives from where to eat this weekend to what purse I’m wearing with my dress tomorrow to where to spend a honeymoon.

So, the world now relies heavily on influence from people and while there are the influencing “powers that be” like the Kardashians, there are other people with smaller audience that you pay attention to.

Infact, smaller influencers have greater percentage of engagement with their followers than larger ones. Because people tend to trust them more than the larger ones.

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I’d like to add at this point that “micro” is different for many people. I’m speaking to my audience in Nigeria so the major influencers here have a few hundred thousand followers and the micro ones have any amount ranging from thousands to tens of thousands. Unlike in most places where the big influencers have millions of followers and the micro are considered from 10k-100k.

Side note: It is important that you love what you do in the first place because that is the only way your originality and creativity shines through. Do not go into “Influencer marketing” just because you think the next person is living great through it. Or that you think that the gifts and money start rolling in immediately (laughing my butt off)

Now that that’s cleared up, let’s get to it.

1. Collaboration with brands:

Most popular one and possibly the hardest but most rewarding for someone with a small audience. For this one, content is king and you have to show the brands that you will do well by their products and services. Rate cards and media kits help you draw up an estimate of what you should charge and everyone is different. Make sure you have something to offer and your influence should translate to buying power.

You can pitch to brands or wait for them to come to you. Whichever one works for you.

This is a whole different aspect and I could expand on it in another post if you’d like.

2. Affiliate links:

Probably the easiest way to make some money because all you have to do is keep a link somewhere that people can click on to get things. So for example, if someone clicks my Zara link and purchases an item through that link, I get a cut with no extra charge to the buyer. This is tricky in Nigeria because many stores don’t have affiliate links to their websites. But many foreign stores do and if you can convince your audience, you’re all good!

3. Discount/Coupon Codes:

Similar to affiliate links but in this case, it is more like collaborating with the brand. They provide you with a code for your audience to use and you get money off. For affiliate links, you don’t have to be in collaboration with a brand. Just type affiliate on their website. But this one, you have to be closer to the brand.

4. Merchandise:

Sell yourself. Are you a tailor comma blogger, direct people to that part of your passion. If you can’t advertise yourself then you can’t do it for others too. Most Nigerian bloggers aren’t full time ones. You can have an online store that provides goods and services fit for your target audience. That’s an already made market for you, love.

5. AdSense:

Although this one applies to only bloggers(with actual blogs) and monetized youtubers, this is still a way to make money. Utilize SEO to the fullest.

So, you don’t have to have tens or hundreds of thousands of followers to make an impact or monetize your passion.

Just keep being original and put out quality content. And be smart enough to make it pay you.

Did I leave out any points? So let us know below. Sharing is caring.

Comment down below if you think you trust smaller influencers and their word. As opposed to larger influencers. Or vice versa.

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