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5 things I do to stay organized and productive.

How to stay organized.

I will have to start by giving credit to the actual reason why this post is going up. I mean, how ironical it is that I haven’t been on my blog in 7 months and here I am trying to tell you how I stay organized, and in other words, consistent.
What a hypocrite!

Thanks to the template shared on The Bloggers’ Advocate group however, I’m putting up my first post in a while. I was even so lazy, I picked the very first post on the template! Comical.

But, here is to hoping I actually stay organized this year, enough to have time for my 6 -year old blog with cobwebs. Because I really do love this space.

Here are my little tips and secrets to keeping my whirlwind of a life organized.

How to stay organized.

1.Create a TO-DO list.

Currently, I am partially a student, I work a 9-5  9-9 full time job, I write two articles a week for two websites, I create content for brands and I manage two high profile social media accounts.
Long story short, MY PLATE IS FULL. And if I don’t start my week with a to-do list, I usually end up feeling like my head is about to implode.
I spend every Sunday afternoon planning my week in a series of to-do lists. I write out my tasks and deadlines and draw little cute boxes to check them when I’m done. I don’t like to cross things off a list, because I still want to see what I had on that list.

2. Prioritize and be strategic.

After having a to-do list, the next thing is to know what will be done first. You can prioritize however you want. I do this based on deadlines. And if I have projects with similar deadlines, I start with the easier ones first. The ones that are more my strength are dealt with and then the rest come next. That way, I clear my desk faster.
In the case of being strategic, I like to know my strengths. Find out what could be distracting me and let go of it for that time being. Be it a chatty colleague, social media, a cluttered workspace etc. I’m intentional about my time and I don’t like to waste it.

3. Everything has its place.

As someone that commutes a lot, it is hard to have one work desk where you keep everything. But I try to have a bag for everything. I know what goes where at all times and so I don’t end up forgetting anything if I’m working from a different place. You don’t want to travel all the way from the mainland to the island to find out that you have forgotten your USB cord.

4. I do not multi-task.

Multi-tasking may work for some, but it doesn’t work for me. Trying to do many things at the same time makes me slow and, to be quite frank, confused. I rather complete a task and then move to the next. If at all I cannot finish a task at once, I designate time to each one. After the designated time, I can switch to another that will also run for another designated time.

5. Use a planner to stay organized:

Seeing all your tasks and goals in one place makes it seem easier. Just like the first point, this just help to keep you in check. Some people don’t like actual planners, but you can use virtual one’s like apps and other software programs. Planners save my life. I use them for everything from what groceries to buy to what investments I should make with my money.

How to stay organized.

So, that’s it! That is how I keep myself sane week to week.
Your turn! What are your top tips on staying organized and productive?
Do leave your comments below.

Till next time,

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