4 “girl” podcasts you should hop on.

I recently got into podcasts and I don’t even know what I have been doing with my life before that. It’s such a great, effective, time-saving way to keep yourself entertained and gain information at the same time. While probably doing some boring chore like laundry, washing dishes or maybe carpooling. There are podcasts on literally every topic. But today, I’m just talking about some podcasts I have been listening to that are for girls and women. Not that men can’t tune in too, though. Lol.

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These podcasts are run by women and talk about everything from relationships, religion and beliefs, money and finances, health etc. All from a woman’s perspective. And I love them because listening to them is just like having a conversation with friends. Here are a few I enjoy.

Jesus and Jollof 

This podcast attracted me because of the hosts and the name of the podcast. If you watch Insecure then you know Yvonne Orji is just plain hilarious. And Luvvie Ajayi is a woman who gives her opinion unapologetically. These two make us laugh while talking about every day topics that affect our minds and hearts as Christian women living in the world and working in industries like the entertainment and media ones. It’s super fun and not at all serious. Their bants are very relatable and personal and you just leave with a feel-good, warm fuzziness that only Jesus and Nigerian Jollof can give to you. 

I said what I said

Think of your no-nonsense besties that call you out on every stupid thing you do and hype you up so much when you are doing your best. That’s FK and Jola. They are real Nigerian, Lagos, gbegborun women with absolutely no filter and a bucket full of real fun. They tell it like it is, hence the name of the podcast. 

Tbh, I’m a little scared of them and a lot inspired by them. They make confidence seem so easy to an introvert like me. If I had half of their boldness, I would talk to everyone I meet. Listening in, asides from making me laugh, helps me realize that I should be savage enough to put myself in conversations about all the issues near and dear to my heart that affect not only me but other women. Without feeling afraid or second-guessing my opinions. My favourite part of their podcasts is when they have guests over and of course, you can trust them to have the best guests like Ozzy Etomi. Talk about boss girls. 

The Godly Dating 101 Podcast

I have been binge listening to this podcast since I found it. The interesting thing about this one is that it isn’t run by just a woman, it is run by a couple. A God-loving, God-living, believing, saved a young couple. They talk about everything in relationships…the way God wants it. Then, they back everything up with scripture and it is literally the only podcast I currently watch that makes me reach for a pen and paper every time. They don’t mince words or sweeten things. They talk on topics that the world brushes over and I absolutely love every episode. 

Two truths, No lie

This is the newest podcast that I am subscribed to and it made my list because I see so much potential in this podcast. Hafsah and Olivia are both great in their industry of creative fashion content. And it will be nice to get into their heads a bit about their creative process as well as how being young Nigerian women in their mid-twenties affects all of it.

Their first episode about “divorcing your Nigerian parents”, I can relate to it so so much. Lol.

Do you listen to podcasts? Which ones do you love and enjoy?

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