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Building a jewelry collection in my mid 20s.

I’m one of those girls that their moms shopped for them for a really long time. Even to date, she’s always sending me new clothes whenever she gets the chance.

It has been the same for jewelry. My mom bought me pieces from my first earring piercing when I was born (my friends in the abroad, this is not uncommon for girls to be pierced on the day of birth) up until now. The difference is I stopped liking jewelry since I was about 14.

And I would not wear any no matter the occasion. I’m the girl that would wear a cocktail dress with no accessories whatsoever. I wouldn’t even as much as wear a pair of studs.

Things are changing though and I’m beginning to look at jewelry and accessories with a new eye. Maybe, blame it on growing up. And being more in touch with my “feminity”.

I’m testing the waters now and these are my pointers and general guidelines for building my jewelry collection in my mid-20s.

Start with basic pieces.

I’m talking a pair of small hoops, (maybe with a twist) that are light and I can wear for long periods of time. Previously, I would only wear earrings for 5 minutes and take them off. Also throw in a thin bracelet and a slim chain maybe with some knuckle rings for extra oomph.

Buy simple plain metals that compliment your skin tone.

I very much prefer gold. But as a rule of thumb, I hear warm undertones do great with gold jewelry and neutral or cool go well with silver.

Look out for great quality, but it’s okay if you are not splurging yet.

Well, I hope no one is expecting me to invest in some Cartier for my first ever adult bracelet. I’m still trying to pay rent here, people! 😪😂

You all know my second name is budget, but at the same time, I still look for materials with a fair quality that won’t turn brown with any small breeze.

I also look out for materials that won’t irritate or inflame my sensitive skin.

Invest in classic pieces.

Whenever I do get to buy the big buck jewelry, I’ll make sure to buy the ones that will stand the test of time. And not just in quality but in style.

I read an article where a jeweler says she can tell the period a person got engaged by the ring. Classics will always do well and also won’t go out of style.

Layer properly.

I’m still struggling with this one. I’m not sure I’ve hacked layering jewelry completely. But I’m on my way there.

How about you? Do you care much about jewelry? Or is it just not necessary to you?

Are you a gold or silver typa girl or guy?

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