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    5 of my favorite things

    This is a quick post and I’m sharing 5 of the things I really like. Not really things I can’t do without but lovely things.

    Geneva Platinum strap wristwatch. 

     Got this for my birthday in April from my best(est) friend! Shoutout Elsie! This is how I will catch you to know if you read my blog! 😜 Besides it being from a special person, it is beautiful and I absolutely love the vibrant colors and the weave-like pattern. I’ve worn it so many times, if it could talk, it would scream!

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    OLDiE but GOODiE- WOOLiE!

    Yarn braids blew up on the Internet for a lotta African Instagram chics and even a few daring white girls some time ago. Me, I decided not to be left out oo. A week before Valentine’s (as I foresaw no date that would require long ‘Brazilian’ weave ni), I went to make my own.