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    A love like ours. 

    Hey good people. It’s the D-day. And I have a post. No it isn’t on a Valentine’s Day makeup look or collab or outfit or any of those things we have been seeing everywhere. It has been totally unavoidable. And I mean, what difference would mine make among the thousand makeup looks that tell you how seasoned makeup artists do their makeup. Many times, we try to recreate the look and end up looking like…oh well. No. This post is about love. But not the type we are used to. It’s about unconditional selfless love. Sacrificial in its ordinary way. When I read this, it went through my soul. My life changed. And though it was written with me in mind, I read it as though it was for a third party that I was learning from.

    I was somebody’s real life Saint and I don’t know a love between human beings greater than that. We can only learn from the love of God.

    Please read.