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The “Currently I Am” Tag is getting really popular among bloggers and is an amazing way of taking stock and saying all the things you’ve been up to without stressing so much.
I’ve seen it on a couple of blogs and as it is an open tag, I just thought to try it and add it to the “Ella lately” segment of the blog. In the last post on Ella Lately, I talked about medical school and losing my phone here.

Getting right to it, Currently I Am…

Wearing: my Zaron matte lip stain in the colour chilli. Everyday! I talked about why I love it, here.

In awe of: my best friend, Elsie. She’s such an amazing person. She puts up with all my whining. If she wasn’t a girl, I’ll totally marry her! lol.
The thing about friendship isn’t how long(or short) you’ve known a person. Not even about how similar or different you are. It’s just about perseverance, and as with other stuff in life, it’s about consistency. To all my friends, 💋💋

Craving: chocolate cake, fudge and icecream. The thing about this craving is I already indulged twice in the past week. But I still can’t get enough. As my friend says, I may not be fat on the outside but, I’m fat on the inside. lol.


Wondering: what’s happened to Dinma of ThatIgboChick. She’s been MIA since the beginning of the year and I’m sincerely worried. She’s my all time favourite beauty blogger and I’ve mentioned her lots of times on the blog. I don’t like that she dropped off the face of the earth. If anyone knows where she is, do let me know.

Feeling: a turmoil of emotions. I’m so used to telling anyone anything that’s bothering me. But, these days, I’m trying a new method of taking charge of my own business. It’s hard but I look forward to meeting the better woman that is a product of this decision.

Learning: a lot about people and situations. Nothing or No one is ever as it seems.

Listening to: God.

Making: a looot of plans! I’ve spent the better part of this year buried deep in my books. I hope it all pays off. Now it’s time to take care of a lot of other matters.

Annoyed/Irritated with: my hair. It’s almost one year and I don’t think it’s where it’s supposed to be yet. I have fed it, trained it, nurtured it and it has been bad to me.

Rocking: my DIY wig. For a first attempt, it ain’t too shabby. I won’t beat myself up too much that I cut it too short. It turned out alright.

Reading: absolutely nothing! I’ve been studying all year, gimme a break biko. I’m eyeing this Karen Kingsbury book that’s been lying under my pillow for a while now though. *lazy yawn*

Obsessed with: The Cinderella character. I mean for someone who cleaned a scullery all her life, she cleans up nice! I like when she’s portrayed as a princess. I know it sounds like I missed my childhood, but I’m loving her fashion sense as well. The half bun is something a natural hair girl like me would love and I’m living for the choker trend that she might have been the pioneer of. Tweak the arms a bit and I’ll wear that dress anytime!
She just completed the look with blush, a plum coloured lipstick and some false lashes and voila! Ball ready! lol


Loving: my blog stats. There’s really no magic to this blogging thing o. People love consistency.

Pushing: my tailor to meet up with all the styles I’ve been feeding her with. A girl has no clothes.

Alarmed at: the rate at which the value of our currency is dropping. It’s making things so so difficult.

Admiring: Tamanna  of @DressYourFace. Beauty instructor of 14+ years and married to her best friend. She’s my life goals.

Praying: that all my studying won’t be in vain. Excellent results IJN!

Hoping: I can be rewarded with a camera and a new phone.

August was quite a month. It was full and there was zero free time. But, I’m excited for September, hopeful for a good month and taking one day at a time.

This tag is great and I guess bloggers can totally try it.
So, what were we up to in August? And what are our hopes for September? We can chat in the comments and let’s follow ourselves on social media. I’m on instagram, twitter and facebook as @ellapinkette.
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Love and makeup,

And whatever you do or say, do it as a representative of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father.
-Colossians 3:17


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