Currently I am #2


Hey guys! Remember my last Currently I am tag? It did pretty good. And is still a hit till now. So, a repeat? Yes please!

Currently, I am…

Wearing: a lot more nail polish than usual. In different and lovely colours. It’s just a way for me to cover my natural nails for my nail growth challenge.

Eating: Noodles everyday. Somebody help!

Learning: New things. New makeup products, techniques, face shapes. It’s refreshing.

Loving: Uber. God bless this innovation. It’s such an easy way to get around. You get good service, AC and a driver that doesn’t have to speak to you too often.

Irritated by: Cab drivers that talk waaay too much! But then, you could already tell.

Listening  to:  Nothing really. My phone has decided to pack up on me.

Reading: Chimamanda Adichie’s “Americanah“. Actually, I’m not reading it currently but I read it in the past month. I know I may be the last person in the world to have read it. But, just in case there’s someone who hasn’t, biko, get yourself a copy. I was hooked from page one and her stories are so so real. Chimamanda has a gift. I hope she knows it.

Also reading: “Ella Enchanted” by Gail Carson Levine. It’s the best enchanted fiction I have read so far. And it feeds my previously mentioned obsession with Cinderella.

Obsessed with: All things Inglot Cosmetics. Their gel liner, Duraline, AMC foundation, pigment eyeshadows, lashes. Etc. I also stalk their makeup artists on Instagram. It’s hilarious because, I don’t own a thing from them. Lol. Saving up, sisters. Saving up.

Pushing: my new instagram page. That is, my beauty page. It’s an exclusive makeup page where I post all my work and where you can easily see all the makeup looks I put together. It’s an online portfolio! I’m a pretty amazing makeup artist. Do check it out and book me!

Wishing: My friend Eunice, nail blogger and awesome person, a happy birthday and a great year ahead.
Is it weird to be born on Independence day? Or any major holiday? I think you guys cheat us mere mortals that have to work or go to school on our birthdays.

Praying: for Nigeria.

Hoping: things get better.

It’s Nigeria’s Independence day and it doesn’t feel like it. No, I dont mean the green shirts you’re putting on or the cakes with green sugar icing. Or the men on the road selling miniature flags or the parades on tv. I mean we don’t look like we are 56. We have a lot going on and most seem to move in the wrong direction. Nobody has all the solutions so here’s mine.
Let’s take a moment to pray for this place that is ours. This place that no one can take away from us. Today and every other day. And live everyday like the Nigerian you want to meet.

This month of September, I figured that things do work out. Maybe not according to plan. But, they do. And God looks out for us more than we think.
So, I’m entering October with a grateful spirit. No matter what it is that unfolds.

So guys, my best part is when I ask for your comments. How was September? How did you spend your October 1st? And what are we doing for October?
Let’s connect too. I’m on instagram here. And here. On twitter and facebook too! Subscribe on bloglovin for goodness.

Till next time.

Love and makeup,

1 Peter 2:9 – For you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people set appart. Chosen to proclaim the wonderful acts of God, who called you out of darkness into His own marvellous light.


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