DIY: Lace Detailed Wallet.

This is the quickest diy ever!  I almost didn’t take pictures because I didn’t plan to put this up. It’s so easy you can do it with your eyes closed. (Don’t though because you will get glue all over your hands. Lol.)

Do you have any small clutch, purse or bag that you think is basic? Or something that you’ve had a while and you want to change the way it looks? Then you can try adding just a small lace detail to take it to another level and give it an extra oomph! (Did I even spell that ‘non-word’ right?)

 I got this wallet because of the colour and the cute bow. But it had an ugly ass inscription on it. I was so itchy to cover it up, I just woke up one morning and took out 5 minutes before my first class. It takes that little time.

All you need, you most likely already have in your sewing kit or stationery bag.

Before the lace detailing.


  • Said purse, bag or wallet.
  •  A pair of scissors. (In my case, I was so in a hurry, I couldn’t wait to find mine. I made do with a small blade.)
  • Glue
  • Lace material that I got from an old shirt. A really old shirt. 

From here, it really wasn’t rocket science. I cut out a piece of the material just enough to cover the part I wanted covered. I started from one edge and put glue on the material and laid it down. I then proceeded from there. Little by little.

I used my perfume bottle to hit it down. Careful not to put a lot of glue like I did at first. A little is already a lot.

I was done before you could say, “cute purse!”

After the lace detailing.
Styling my wallet.

It’s always nice to give accessories a boost on a budget. Who wouldn’t try this?! It’s like getting a brand new accessory… 

Before or After? Which do you prefer?









And with all His abundant wealth through Christ Jesus, my God will supply all your needs. -Phillipians 4:19


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