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The Business of Beauty x BLK/OPL relaunch in Nigeria + A GIVEAWAY

Take it or leave it, makeup is here to stay. It might be modified, modernized, reconstructed. But it is almost as old as time and it will be here for long. And like every other industry, it has its own parts and heirarchy.

This post is on what I learnt at the Blk/Opl relaunch party in Nigeria. The event was strictly by Invitation and they made sure of that by having everyone show their invites via email.

What I wore

Shirt dress: Thrifted.

Shoes: Street store.

Bag: Thrifted.

Hair: Xpression Curly Crochet hair.

Damage: Everything including the hair (except the shoes) – 2600

Black Opal relaunched in Nigeria with an all new face and packaging. This new one is sleek, chique and modern. But what I love most is that the brand still maintains its great formulas and its attention to women of colour.

Original Black Opal products are available at Kuddy Stores and on Kuddy’s website.

A few lessons I learnt that would help you grow in the Beauty Industry.

1. Don’t be too shy to give an elevator pitch. The people in attendance ranged from Top Beauty bloggers and influencers to makeup artists to Magazine editors to brand owners. Prepare your 30secs to 1 minute introduction of yourself. Of course it should come from the heart and not sound rehearsed. You never know who you can collaborate with or who will be interested in your services.

Apart from people recognizing me from my pictures, they were surprised to know that I combined school with Beauty blogging and makeup artistry.

2. Practice and Persevere: I learnt that Anita Brows, the one and only, was in Nigeria for 7 years. Growing and prepping her brand before she actually “blew”. Most of the glitz and glam and fame you see are a product of sleepless nights, endless strategizing and everyday practice.

For you to stay relevant as a Beauty enthusiast (blogger, vlogger, MUA) you have to put in all the due work. Work with trends and see how to make it even better. Constantly put up pictures to show the world. #StayRelevant

3. Accessorize with Confidence.

Whether you are wearing expensive clothes or not, you have the best weave on or not. Or whether you don’t have a few layers of foundation on or an extra beat face, be confident in yourself and what you have to offer. Walk your worth. Put your chest up.

Like my friend said, I wore my Thrifted dress like it was 30 times the original worth. That was confidence at work.

Black Opal has been catering for women of colour since 1994. They came into the Beauty industry at a time when black women needed a brand that considered them not as a 2nd thought but as a primary consumer.

I’m glad to know that they haven’t stopped in this pattern. This new logo and brand comes with an extended product range and better formulations.

I can’t wait to try out all their new products in a video tutorial.


I’ll be giving someone two(2) BLK/OPL color splurge stick lippies. Hope you use them with love. Just subscribe to my blog and leave a genuine comment on any post. And then follow me on Instagram and comment on my last post which shade you think is my favorite. And tag a friend!





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