Making a Statement with ELM.

My favorite thing about statement tees is that they seem to speak before you do. So, I might be quiet in a gathering but if I have a caption on my tee, it just seems like I have made my stand. That is why I like to go with statements that I sincerely stand by. They might be funny, witty, sincere or serious. But, they must always represent me and what I believe.

The statement tee brand that caters to my needs at the moment is the ELM brand. Made with love and the most genuine thoughts, all statements resonate with every group of people.


Statement Tee- @elm_elsiemoses

Denim Skirt- Thrifted

Shoes- A gift from my good friend, Ene.

A statement tee is definitely a wardrobe staple for many reasons.

It is a conversation starter and I can literally wear my thoughts on my chest.

What is your take on Statement Tees?

Till next time,


Ella. πŸ’—

Note: Sponsored or not, gifted or bought. All words and reviews are my sincerest thoughts. πŸ’—πŸ’—

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